Behind the Scenes - A Conversation with Investment Talk

I’m pleased to share this week’s interview with Investment Talk (IT), the author behind a fantastic investment newsletter that is which is well worth your time and attention. We talk about my background and how I developed my unconventional approach to investing.

We also talk about Losing in Order to Win, which is available to watch now at the introductory price of $97, which expires at midnight UK time on Jan 1st 2021. The full price of the course will be $150 - which would give me a 1000x ROI if I had applied the lessons when I first started investing.

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IT provides thorough in-depth analysis and commentary and is a great source of investing education. He is one of the people I’m most glad to have met in the last year and it’s been amazing to see him compound his talents in real-time, growing to over 26K Twitter followers in the last 10 months and launch a successful business as a result.

I’m a paid subscriber to his newsletter and highly recommend it. There is a free edition if you’d like to sample the quality.

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Please find a link to the interview below: as always, I’m grateful for any feedback, questions or comments!

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