Losing in Order to Win: Video Course Launch

Breaking the silence about what went wrong in my first 2 years of investing

I hope that you are having a great holiday break!

Despite 2020 being a very strange year, I’ve enjoyed having extra time to hang out with my family.

I’ve managed to finish my first course, designed to help new investors reduce the impact of investing mistakes by coming clean on my biggest errors.

Losing in Order to Win is a no holds barred honest reflection of my first years of investment failures. The course shows you how to avoid making the same mistakes. It’s out now.

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Behavioural errors might be the easiest mistake to make in investing.

And honestly, I’ve made most of them.

My first two years in the markets were frustrating because my overconfidence led to some dumb mistakes - I've written about how I learned from these mistakes the hard way and the cost of my folly.

Investing in individual companies is hard and there are good reasons most people find it challenging. Losing in Order to Win helps new investors lay the foundations for long term commitment and success by understanding what not to do.

2020 has been a strange year, with many people (including myself) posting unusually high returns. It’s exactly the kind of environment where it is easy and to get overconfident and vulnerable to poor decision making.

Reducing the impact and severity of avoidable errors is a goal we should all aspire to. No one is perfect, but we can all benefit from working on the quality of our decision making.

The course helps you understand how to

  • Develop a strategy that works for you over the long term

  • Add structure to your decision making

  • Avoid preventable mistakes

  • Understand and control for potential risks

I go through 7 Deadly Return-Killing Mistakes that can keep you from long term investing success.

I'm going to reveal (and give you a framework for solving):

  • How Short Term  thinking keeps your portfolio stuck in "neutral"

  • Why taking profits can be a foolproof way to ensure you don't get multi-bagger returns

  • How "IPO seduction” keeps your eyes on the wrong prize. I'll show you how to refocus your risk/reward and buy intelligently to swing the odds in your favour

  • The Earnings Report fallacy - why not acknowledging what is really going on is a threat to your success

  • Why an obsession with cheap companies may do you more harm than good

  • Why penny stocks are not worth your valuable time

  • The reasons investors quit in frustrations, depriving themselves of the chance to benefit from long term compounding

I’d love for you to check it out! The course is discounted to $97 at launch, and the price will rise to $150 on Jan 1, 2021.

Watch Losing in Order to Win