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I don't think your approach was a terrible idea tbh. The risk/reward added up for your situation in a way it may not have done for others.

I had the fortunate situation of finding a job in financial services in my late twenties, which allowed me to contribute maximum ISA amounts during my thirties.

I've followed a growth investing path for nearly two decades, and over that long period of compounding gains (cagr 27% over 17 years) my salary is dwarfed by my investment returns.

If an investor has the right mindset, approach and discipline, it _could_ make sense to prime the engine by taking a loan to fast track the first few years and get compounding really working.

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Great article. Yep I think most have been conditioned to only invest in index funds, but its fear that’s holds people from seeking better opportunities. There is a perception of a big activation barrier to the DIY investing route. For the brave few that persist rewards will come, but I suspect most dabble with share tips and lose. Index funds are safe and simple for people to do and many of heard of scare stories of under performing funds and how hard it is to beat the market thanks to Buffet.

Funnily enough, I did the exact same thing on a couple of FIRE Facebook groups. To suggest anything other than index funds was blasphemy. Returns of greater than 20%, you must be taking massive risk. Nope it’s just volitility nothing to be scared of, only to be surfed!

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No wonder you got lambasted - the FIREUK subreddit isn't exactly a place for balanced discussion on the ins and outs of approaches to FI. Mostly repetitive advice for repetitive questions. In fact it's mostly indistinguishable from a generic financial advice forum as opposed to anything FI(RE).

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